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Pay your vendors, partners, customers or others instantly when you only know their mobile number or email address.

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How Payout Links work

send cashgram link

Create a Cashgram link and send to beneficiary’s email or mobile phone


Beneficiary enters their bank account/debit card/ UPI/ Paytm/Amazon Pay details.


Beneficiary receives a payout in their preferred account.

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Instant payouts

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#Cashgram your users
Delight your users by paying them faster. Send Cashgrams in bulk via an API.

Cashgram is not just any other

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Fast Settlements

  • - Do bulk payouts using excel upload or API
  • - Optimised for transaction load balancing
  • - Highly customizable API & UX/UI
  • - Generate comprehensive MIS reports
user friendly

User Friendly

  • - Notify using your WhatsApp business a/c [New]
  • - Multiple payout modes supported
  • - Interactive dashboard for monitoring status


  • - In-built beneficiary name verification [Premium]
  • - Highly secure with OTP validation
  • - Maker - Checker flow [Premium]
  • - Ability to set link expiry time


Simple Pricing, No Hidden Charges



Cashgram charges

Transfer Charges



Cashgram charges


Bank account verification charges

Transfer Charges

₹ 2.50 ₹ 1.75 ₹ 3.00 up to ₹1,000
₹ 5.00 ₹ 1.75 ₹ 6.00 ₹1,001 to ₹10,000
₹ 10.00 ₹ 1.75 ₹ 10.00 Above ₹10,000


Amazon Pay

As applicable on your Paytm business account


Custom pricing designed for enterprises

  • Early access to new features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Discounted pricing
  • Support over WhatsApp in addition to other channels

Contact our team to get custom pricing.

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Furlenco uses Cashgram to automate
security deposit refund at end of subscription


Through Cashgram we are using all payment modes -IMPS, UPI & Paytm. From the customer point of view refund settlement process is instantaneous. The moment Furlenco picks your furniture, Furlenco is able to disburse the refund right away. There is a phenomenal shift in customer experience.

Varun Krishnakumar | Director of Products

FAQ: For Customers

Cashgram is a way to instantly send out money. If you have received a Cashgram from a merchant, you can redeem this Cashgram by visiting the Cashgram link and submitting your recipient details. You should then receive the money instantly.

It seems that the merchant entered a different mobile number while generating the Cashgram. Please reach out the merchant to get this changed.

Please verify your mobile number with the merchant. In case your mobile number is correct but you are still not receiving the OTP, please mail us at

Cashgram can be redeemed to your bank account, UPI VPA, Amazon Pay or Paytm. If any of the above modes is not enabled for you, please get in touch with the merchant.

Cashgram transfer could fail because of network or banking infrastructure issues. Please reach out to the merchant so that they can generate a new Cashgram for you.

A pending Cashgram transfer usually means that your recipient bank has not yet acknowledged the incoming transfer. Please wait for 24 hours, if you still have not received the money in your account, mail us at Do mention your email id, phone number, Cashgram Id and merchant name in your email.

The money should be transferred into your account in some time. If you do not receive the amount within one hour please mail us at Do mention your email id, phone number, Cashgram Id and merchant name in your email.

It seems that the Cashgram sent to you has expired. Please get in touch with the merchant to get a new Cashgram.

FAQ: For Merchants (general)

Cashgram makes sending out money simple and easy. It takes away all the operational overhead associated with bank transfers or payouts. You can simply create a Cashgram with a few clicks. We will notify the user and they can redeem the money any time at their convenience.

To start using Cashgram you will need to sign-up on Cashfree. If you already have a Payouts account click on the “Cashgram” tab in the Payouts dashboard or our use our API to start using Cashgram.

Yes, the Cashgram recipient will be able to view their Cashgram at any time. Redemption, however, can only be done within the expiry time set by the merchant while sending the Cashgram.

If you have UPI enabled in your Payout account your customers will be able to redeem a Cashgram to their UPI account.

If you have Paytm enabled in your Payout account your customers will be able to redeem a Cashgram to their Paytm / Amazon Pay account.

FAQ: Security

Cashgram is a secure way to transfer money to your customers. Once you create a Cashgram for a beneficiary only that beneficiary with the provided phone number/email address can use that Cashgram link to redeem the amount. Cashgram is also active only for a limited period of time, as a merchant you can control the expiry time of each Cashgram link generated.

Additionally, Merchants can also enable ‘Beneficiary name verification’ feature to prevent incorrect transfers and ensure the money goes to the intended beneficiary account only.

FAQ: Users

You can use the dashboard to notify the user about their Cashgram. We will notify the customer over email or SMS.

We authenticate users using OTP so that only authorized users can view/redeem a Cashgram. Without a valid OTP nobody can view/redeem a particular Cashgram.

Once the customer redeems a Cashgram its status changes from ACTIVE to REDEEMED instantly. You will be able to view this on the dashboard. You will also be notified over email once a Cashgram has been successfully redeemed.

Every Cashgram has an expiry date. If the Cashgram is not redeemed before this expiry date, the Cashgram will become inactive. No one will be able to view/redeem such an inactive Cashgram.

FAQ: Transfers

If user fails to get money using Cashgram, it will show up on your dashboard. Mostly users fail to get money because of exceeding OTP limits.

If the customer enters invalid bank account number or IFSC code we will notify him on the web page. But if the customer enters valid, but incorrect, account number the money will be transferred to that bank account.

Once a customer submits her bank details to redeem a Cashgram we initiate a bank transfer from merchant’s account to customer’s bank account. If at that time the underlying bank systems are facing a downtime we mark such transactions as pending. Once the bank systems are up and running the pending transactions are processed automatically.

FAQ: Cost

Please get in touch with our sales team to get a custom pricing as per your needs.

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