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Instant Settlements

Making online payments as good as cash in hand

Get access to your payment gateway collections within 15 minutes of payment capture, avoid dependency on credit lines


Instant Settlements


Better cash

Get complete control over your working capital and plan your cash reserves better without settlement uncertainties.

Address payment

With immediate access to funds, you can pay your staff salaries or other operational expenses on time with absolutely no hassle.

Cash flow

Instant access to funds lets you respond faster to business opportunities and challenges.

Instant Settlement options that fits your business need

Same-day settlements

Get all your payments captured between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, settled on the same day.

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Holiday Settlements

Accept payments from customers 24*7 and access funds instantly, even on bank holidays.

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On-demand settlements

Avail Instant Settlements only on the required amount from your settlement balance.

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On-demand Instant Settlements

Get instant access to your funds any day any time, even on holidays, at a click of a button. On-demand settlements let you instantly access only the required amount from your settlement balance(up to your eligible limit) so you never run out of cash at any point.

Get settlement amount any day, any time, even during holidays

Access only the required amount with just a single click

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Get your funds settled instantly on the destination of your choice!

Bypass the delay in the settlement process and get your payments settled either to your virtual account number or directly into your bank account in no time!

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Do you know how a typical payment gateway settlement cycle works in Cashfree?

Refer our settlements and reconciliation guide to get a complete understanding on how settlements work when using Cashfree Payment Gateway.

Customer enters the payment details in Cashfree’s checkout forms

The transaction is authenticated by the customer using OTP verification

The amount is received at Cashfree’s acquiring banks

Cashfree credits the merchant’s account in T+2 days after payment gateway deductions

Accelerate your business growth with Cashfree
Reduce credit dependencies and manage your cash flow better with Cashfree.

Payment Gateway trusted by more than 1,50,000+ businesses!

Your Website Your Checkout Page

Customize the checkout page to look like your website or mobile application.

Saved Cards

Save customers from typing card credentials every time. Only CVV and 3-D secure password will be required during next transaction.

Recurring Payments

Auto-debit funds for periodic payments via cards, UPI and net banking.


Block funds when a customer places an order. If the order is modified or cancelled within a week, process instant refund without paying any charges.

Higher than Industry Success Rate

With smart dynamic rerouting between multiple bank payment gateways, experience the highest success rate every time.

Real-time Reconciliation

Know real-time status of all customer payments and avoid ambiguity with real-time reconciliation.


In order to enable instant settlements for your business, please fill this form

The settlement once made to your account will reflect instantly on your settlement reports.

The holiday settlements in Cashfree payment gateway lets you access your funds even on bank holidays. Charges may vary for holiday settlements. Contact your account manager to know more.

No, only the transactions that are successful be settled to your account.

Yes, with Cashfree’s instant settlements, you can get access to your funds within 30 minutes of payment capture. Please send us an email to your account manager to know more.

Yes, you can get specific transactions settled with on-demand settlements. Please reach out to your account manager to know more.