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A full-stack

digital lending solution

for NBFCs and Fintechs

Create escrow accounts

and operate through APIs for loan disbursements, repayments and co-lending, in compliance with RBI’s digital lending guidelines.

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Our tailored solution enables NBFCs and their partner LSPs to scale their

digital lending

use cases

Term Loans for individuals & businesses

Buy Now Pay Later


Invoice Discounting

Supply Chain Finance

Credit Line Infrastructure [Coming soon]

Smart Escrow for NBFCs

and LSPs



Get fully managed escrow set-up with multiple banking partners Manage multiple NBFC relationships through our solution.
Get access to detailed and customized MIS report Ensure visibility and ability to manage the loan cycle for your customer base
Enable LSPs to manage complete disbursement & repayment cycle on Cashfree Payments' Dashboard or use our APIs Get access to dashboard and APIs for disbursement and repayment on

NBFC escrow

Get access to loans-disbursed statements and balance for each LSP on your escrow. Get access to detailed and customized MIS report for loans originated and repaid for your customers


instant loan disbursals

directly from your current or

escrow accounts

with Cashfree Payments' APIs

Disburse loans from multiple accounts

Connect multiple existing current or escrow accounts and switch between them for payouts

Enable co-lending use cases with NBFC escrow

Create flexible virtual accounts and use APIs on your NBFC escrow account to enable co-lending use cases

Reduce dependency on a single bank

Switch between connected bank accounts. Avoid any unforeseen exigencies of bank downtimes with multi-bank support.

Get support at lightning speed

Get dedicated support to set up multiple party escrows or trustee escrows for disbursal

  • Bank Partner
  • More


Disburse loans and make other payments directly from your connected business account

Add borrowers and make up to 10,000 payouts in seconds from NBFC escrow

Track transfer status and reasons for failure in real time

Generate custom reports for deeper analysis

Northern Arc ❤️ Cashfree Payments

Cashfree Payments helped Northern Arc provide instant consumer & business loan disbursals and effective loan solutions to all, by simply integrating direct Payouts in their Loan Origination System, eSthenos. With this, Northern Arc could:

  • Higher uptime and success rate

    Verify borrower bank accounts before disbursing consumer & business loans

  • Multi-level reconciliation

    Save man hours by disbursing thousands of consumer & business loans automatically

  • Comprehensive transaction handling

    Automatically reconcile failed transfers and reversals

Effortlessly collect payments while adhering to RBI's

digital lending guidelines

Collections and reconciliation

Receive loan repayment directly into your NBFC account. Instant reconciliation & same day settlement

Recurring payments

Set up recurring mandates for repayment. Collect recurring payments via debit cards and Net Banking using NACH E-mandate & UPI Autopay using TPV flow

Split payments

Split repayment received and settle into co-lenders' accounts directly

[Recommended for co-lending use cases]

Real-time reports

Leverage repayment reports and statements data for accounting compliance


Onboard borrowers with ease using our 360° Verification Suite

Provide an easy onboarding experience for your users by verifying their bank accounts & UPI IDs, PAN, Aadhar and GSTIN using our APIs and dashboard. [For individuals and businesses]

Revolutionize lending with Cashfree Payments’ solution for NBFCs & LSPs

With Cashfree Payments

With Other Platforms

Time to go live Easy to integrate and go-live in 3 weeks Difficult to integrate. Delayed onboarding.
Product Suite for different payment needs One-stop solution. Low code APIs & dashboard access for easy loan disbursement & collections Fragmented and siloed products. Multiple vendor integrations required.
Ease of service Dedicated support in escrow creation Multiple points of contact
Dashboard Connect multiple escrow/current accounts with single dashboard Multiple dashboards, and limited view.

Have better control on funds movement, take action, and minimize risk with real-time updates


Real time risk management with powerful risk engine

  •    Set transaction limits
  •    Fraud detection
  •    Generate custom reports for deeper analysis


Your Payments Partner

1st Fintech platform in india to enable disbursal of loans and insurance claim settlements



USD 40B+

processed annually


bank accounts served