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Payment Links

Getting paid is now just one link away!

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Payment Links for
every business!

Payment Links is built to cater to all kinds of businesses looking to solve their payment collection woes without a website.

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D2C brands and businesses that use social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp etc. for selling, don’t need a website to get paid anymore. Personalize the checkout page, add your brand logo, choose colors and style that reflect your brand, and get paid instantly.

Accept contactless payments for Point of Sale, Cash on Delivery orders.

[What’s more] Use Payment Links to target customers with abandoned carts for quick payment collection thereby improving conversion.

Send reminders and collect payments for utility bills and similar services such as telephone, gas, electricity bills, insurance premium and other services using Payment Links.

Lending companies, NBFCs and agents can use Payment Links to collect loan installments, SIP installments, credit card payments.

Tutors, K12 schools, coaching and education institutes can now collect due fees in bulk by sending links and reminders to students. Online courses, Olympiads providers and educators can request, send reminders, and collect course and test fees.

Integrate Payment Links with ERPs to automate collection for clients without the need for an app or website login flow.

Businesses with chatbots and conversational commerce can enable online payments as part of conversational flow using links.

The simplest and fastest way to get paid!

Notify your customers across channels

Send payment links to your customers over SMS, email, WhatsApp, or any other channel of their preference and get paid sooner.

Wide range of payment modes

Cashfree offers more than 120 payment modes such as credit/debit cards, UPI, Google Pay, Amazon pay, Netbanking, wallets and other payment options for your customers to choose from.

Reminders on auto-pilot

When generating Payment Links, set multiple automated reminders to get paid on time and boost your revenue.

Enable partial payments

Let your customers initiate partial payments in case of service fulfillment and get the remaining payment on completion of the service.

Create payment links in bulk

Generate payment links in bulk by uploading a simple .csv or .xlsx file. Save time and reduce errors by creating payment links in bulk.

Easier reconciliation

Get real-time reports on the transactions processed through payment links and help your finance team manage the books better.

All this, with absolutely no code

Payment Links is a no-code, easy-to-generate tool for all types of businesses, removing the necessity of involving a developer to build your payment infrastructure. All the data will be available in the dashboard making it easy for you to stay on top of your business finances.

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Creating a payment link is a no-brainer!

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Create a Payment Link
Via Payment Links Dashboard or APIs

Onboard customer

Enter the customer details
Add customer details and share it across SMS, email and WhatsApp

Monitor and earn rewards

Get paid instantly!

Limited Offer!

Zero Charges* for Link Creation and Reminders!

*Transaction charges apply for payments processed via Payment Links

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Advanced payment gateway features available for all

Instant refunds

Do instant customer refunds - online orders, COD orders and deposits with our advanced refund solutions and delight your customers.

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Instant settlements

Get access to your payment gateway collections within 15 minutes even on bank holidays.

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Card pre-authorization

Temporarily block some amount of funds when a customer places an order and save payment gateway charges on canceled orders with Pre-authorization.

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Saved Cards

Save customers from typing card credentials every time. Only CVV and 3-D secure password will be required during next transaction.

120+ payment options

Let your customers pay via any card, 50+ netbanking options, UPI, Paytm and other wallets, EMI and Pay Later options.

Go global

Reach customers across the globe by unlocking international payment options. Show items in 100+ foreign currencies. 2 days of settlements in INR.

PayPal Express Checkout - now available

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FAQs on Payment Links

Payment Links by Cashfree is the easiest way to receive payments from your customers for any goods or services, without taking them to any app or website and integrating a payment gateway.

The Payment Link can be shared with the customer via different channels like WhatsApp, SMS, email etc., and upon clicking the link, your customers can pay using all available payment methods. Cashfree will notify you when payment(s) are made using the link.

Simply sign up for Payment Links account, and Cashfree Payment Gateway will be automatically activated for your account. The Payment Links feature will be available inside the Payment Gateway product. All payments collected via the payment links are automatically updated to in the reports and transactions module in Cashfree Payment Gateway. Know more in our documentation.

To quickly request payment from your customer via Payment Link, you simply need to provide the customer phone or email information, and the amount and purpose for the link, and the link can be shared with the customer. While creating a Payment Link, you can enable the Send SMS and Email checkboxes, and Cashfree will send the link to the customer on the provided contact information.

In addition to this, you can set the expiry for the link, and enable partial payments, if you want to enable the customer to make payment in parts.

Yes, you can send Payment Links in bulk with our Batch feature. You can upload a XLSX or CSV file containing the list of customers’ contact details, amount and purpose for the links and send the requests in bulk. All this within a matter of minutes!
Yes, you can enable Partial Payments and provide the minimum amount you wish to collect for a Payment Link, and the customer can choose to make multiple payments, between the minimum amount and the link amount. Cashfree will notify you of all partial payments done.
Yes, it is possible to enable international payments on Cashfree Payment Links -- talk to us and help us understand your business for quick activation. If you have a Paypal account, connect Paypal to Cashfree and start offering Paypal as a checkout option on the payment page instantly.
Each time your customer opens a Payment Link and attempts payment, a new Order is created against that Link. This gives you the information on how many times the customer has visited the Link before completely paying the full amount. You can follow up with such customers and try to improve your conversion rate.

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