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Recurring Payments

to your business.

Automate your recurring payments with Cashfree Subscriptions

Early Access: Now collect recurring payments via any UPI app with UPI AutoPay.

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Powering Recurring Payments

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Automatic recurring payment

collection for your business
with Cashfree

subscription payment gateway

Start without writing code

Start without writing code

Use our dashboard to create plans and add users via a link. Share over email, SMS or Whatsapp.

Trial Period

Trial Period

Offer trial period option and link to subscription plan. Charge as per plan at the end of the trial.

Upfront Charge

Upfront Charge

Charge your customers a one time fee at start of service along with recurring payment.

Webhook Support

Webhook Support

Automatically notify new
subscriptions, payments, or cancellations.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Stay on top of every subscription details-Plans and Users using Dashboard or pull details via API.

Multi-user Support

Multi-user Support

Add your team members for
managing subscribers. Define roles & permissions.

Did you know

Cashfree validates if a card supports subscriptions or recurring payments during registration to ensure higher success rate


The fastest & the easiest way
to authorize recurring payments
using any UPI app

Register now to get early access to UPI AutoPay and let your users authorize
future payments via one time authentication using UPI.

How Does Subscription
Management Work?

Create a plan Via Dashboard or API

Create a plan
Via Dashboard or API

Add subscribers & notify

Add subscribers
& notify

Authenticate & charge

& charge

Design Your Custom
Recurring Plan

Fixed Recurring Model

For companies that provide a product for a fixed price and charge on a recurring basis

Fixed + Overcharge Model

Simplify billing where amount includes fixed and variable components.

Design Your Custom Recurring Plan

Usage Model

Companies that provide a product and who want to enable customers to pay for only what they use.

A comprehensive

recurring payments solution

All payment modes that are offering Recurring by Cashfree Payments are compliant with RBI's regulations.


Your customers can make recurring payments through credit and debit cards on Mastercard and VISA networks, supported by major banks.

Nach Mandate or E-Mandate

Enable automated recurring transactions through bank accounts via e-Mandate registration through net banking or debit card.

UPI AutoPay

Enable recurring payments for your customers via any UPI app for timely repayment. Let your customers subscribe to your product or service. Supported models:

Periodic: Setup fixed frequency(monthly, weekly) and fixed amount, for example, Rs 599/- on the 2nd of every month.

On-demand: Based on your subscription model, set up an auto-debit flexible scheduler with a customizable recurring amount. For example, Collect Utility bills for Rs 500/- this month, and Rs 520/- next month, so on.

Domestic Payment Mode

Offer Subscription
Plans that Suit

Flexible Billing

Bill your customers on-demand or automatically on a periodic basis

Easy Integration

Use dashboard or integrate our REST APIs with your product to automate

NACH / e-mandate

Accept recurring payments via e-mandate Debit card & Net Banking


Simple Pricing, No Hidden Charges

UPI autopay

Transaction Charges

Per Debit Transaction value
₹ 2.50 Upto ₹250
₹ 5.00 ₹251 to ₹1000
₹ 15.00 Above ₹1000

Custom pricing designed for enterprises

  • Early access to new features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Discounted pricing
  • Support over WhatsApp in addition to other channels

Contact our team to get custom pricing.

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How to
Create Subscription Plans?

For Developers

Checkout our API documentation and explore how Cashfree Subscription is the building block that lets you create customized subscription logic and pricing models.

Recurring Payment FAQs

When you want to bill your customer for continued usage of your product or service, instead of raising a payment request each time, you can provide an option to your user to authorize automatic deduction of billed amount from his bank/Debit/Credit card as the case may be. For this user needs to give authorization to you. This arrangement is called subscription.

Subscription management starts from creating plans that have one or more people who want to avail the service and pay for the usage on a recurring basis.

It involves creating plans, defining pricing model and then adding users and generating billing based on the defined pricing model and actual consumption.

Companies of all sizes face the question of whether to build or buy a billing solution. Cashfree Subscription Management Software powers you to enable recurring payment schedule, control the billing cycle and get instant alerts on subscription activity. All you have to do is to link a plan to the customer and Cashfree takes care of the rest.

The service is available as a Dashboard feature and as API.

No, Cashfree's Subscription Management Software is not configurable with other payment gateways.

Credit cards provided by the popular card networks MasterCard and Visa support auto-deduction of recurring payment. For this the card holder needs to authorize the payment to the specified merchant which can be done through a normal Two-Factor Authentication or 3D Secure flow.

Currently, not all banks support auto-deduction of payments. Auto-deduction for recurring payment are allowed on Mastercard and Visa network cards issued by following banks:
  • ICICI Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Citibank
  • Canara Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Similar to Credit cards, Debit card holders also need to authorize the payment to the specified merchant which can be done through a normal Two-Factor Authentication or 3D Secure flow.

A card holder when authenticating the merchant to deduct recurring payments, needs to do a one-time transaction which is also the first transaction. To ensure the authenticity of user and account, an extra layer of security is added which involves passing the transaction request following a 2FA process.

In case of recurring payments, as the user does the 2FA, the auto-deduction is enabled.

Credit card, Debit cards and Nach or E-Mandate are the widely used instruments for recurring payments.

Credit cards : MasterCard and Visa network cards-issued by any bank in India.

Debit cards: Mastercard and Visa network cards-issued by ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Citibank and Canara Bank.

Nach or E mandate : A paperless authentication feature introduced by NPCI. The registration can be done through netbanking or Debit cards.

Yes, you can cancel a plan or subscription. However once canceled, it can’t be restored, you need to create a new plan or subscription

Yes, editing a plan or subscription is possible. You can directly change the plan/subscription details from the Cashfree Subscription Management software dashboard, however the changes that you make happen for future billing and do not take effect from retrospective effect.

Yes, Using Cashfree you can generate a subscription and through your internal system tag as many users as you wish to the subscription. Given the payment address will be single, cashfree will do the billing for that address.