Choose your online Payments Integration

Can your customers pay on their own?

Your customers might not be able to pay on their own using your website or app. For example, to make the payment online, your customers might need to:

  • Talk to someone over the phone or chat.
  • Receive an email from your company.
  • Talk to an employee in store.

Do you use any Ecommerce Platform?

You might already be using an ecommerce platform like Magento or Shopify. You can use Cashfree to process payments on these ecommerce platforms and many others.

Find your ecommerce plugin

Cashfree provides various plugins to easily integrate and get started with your website on different e-commerce platforms. All you have to do is install the plugin, enter your app Id and secret key. You can instantly receive payments from your customers.

Checkout all the available plugins

Find your mobile SDK

To help you collect payments on your mobile application, Cashfree supports the integration of your application with the Payment Gateway. We support integration on Android, iOS, React Native, and Xamarin platforms.

Checkout all the available mobile SDK

Cashfree RestAPI

This API integration allows you the flexibility to create a payment experience as you want. You could either use our prebuilt checkout page or even build a custom page for your merchants using these APIs.

The integration can be completed in three steps and should not take more than 30 minutes.

Find a Zero Code Integration

Payment Links

Cashfree Payment Links are the easiest way to receive payments from your customers for any goods or services, without taking them to any app or website.

Payment Forms

Payment Forms enables you to collect domestic and international payments instantly for the goods/services you provide without the need to integrate with a payment gateway.

Contact Less

Cashfree Payments softPOS (Point of Sale) solution is an android application through which you can accept payments digitally or in-person and run a business successfully.

Do you have a Mobile App?

You have an Android or iOS app and you want accept payments. Your application can be built with Native or Hybrid technology.

Do you need to build a custom checkout UI?

A custom checkout UI allows you to create your own payment flows and user interface, but it requires the most building and maintenance work.

Using a pre-built UI takes a lot less building and maintenance work, while still allowing you to have custom styling and translations.