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Insurers, Web Aggregators, Brokers & TPAs
The Complete Payments Toolkit for Insurance Payments in India

The fastest and easiest way - sell policies, collect premiums, verify policy holder’s account details , disburse claims, pay to agents and other intermediaries

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Insurance Payments
Management Optimization

Cashfree helps you automate premium collection and do disbursals including claim reimbursement, payouts to agents and intermediaries. Our solutions fit perfectly in your insurance management system. Benefit from advanced APIs and a range of integrations and offer an excellent user experience.

assignmentUser/Policy holder Onboarding

  • Bank account Verification

  • UPI ID verification

  • Bulk verification via API

swap arrowPremium Collection & Reconciliation

  • Payment gateway for website and mobile Apps

  • Link based payments

  • QR code & ePOS agent based payments

  • Auto-debit via E-mandate and Standing Instruction on cards

layer stackClaim disbursals, agent payouts, split payments & more

  • Direct disbursals from insurer’s bank accounts

  • Instant policy refunds

  • Incentives or commission payouts to on-field agents

  • Split payments with Marketplace Settlements

Better User Experience
With Cashfree

Your users value accessibility, reliability and simplicity. Change how you collect premium and disburse claims with Cashfree’s customer experience focused payment products.

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